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“Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again.”


Rose Anatomy

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Rose Varieties

Selecting roses for your garden is one of the joys of growing roses.
Each variety of rose has its own characteristics. 

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Hybrid Teas

Large blooms, usually one to a stem, space 3’ apart. 
Most popular and widely grown.

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Taller and larger than hybrids and floribundas. One bloom per cane mix with sprays.

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Small bushes suitable for containers or beds, space 1’ apart.

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Often disease resistance, shrub
roses can grow from five
to fifteen feet.

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Low growing bushes with clusters of small flowers. Excellent for
beds and boarders.

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Smaller than Hybrid Teas. Smaller blooms. Ideal landscape roses.

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Climbing Roses

Typically a large first bloom. Great for trellises, arches, pillars or walls.

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Old Garden

Classes of roses that
existed before 1867.

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Special designation of roses created by Texas A & M that can be
grown with minimal care and
are disease resistant.

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David Austin

English roses are crosses that achieve the fragrance and charm of old roses and the wide color range. 

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(Source: Weeks)

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