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FWRS Photo Competition

Class 14 - 'Miss Congeniality'.jpeg

One Bloom

A color photograph. One bloom, no side buds, of any classification.

Class 15 - Joseph's Coat.jpg

One Spray

A color photograph. Two or more blooms, any classification.


Macro Photography

Extreme close-up photo of any part of the rose or rose plant. Color, Black, White,Sepia, or combinations of these are permitted in this class.

Class 17 - Rose - B&W.jpg

Creative Interpretation

Evoke a sense of originality and a new and different way of imagining the rose or roses with the mind’s eye. Color, Black & White, Sepia, or combinations.

Class 18 Sanford Garden.jpg

Rose Garden

A color photograph of either a public or private rose garden. Photographs should show the use of roses within the structure of a garden, which can be widely variable. 

Class 19 - Madelyn Lang.jpg


A photo of an arrangement, miniature or standard of any style

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